Listen to Marilyn Yalom discuss her book, "How the French Invented Love" in an iterview with Michael Krasny on KQED Public Radio, first aired Monday, November 26, 2012 at 10:00am.

How the French love love!  It occupies an honored place in their sense of identity, on a par with fashion, food, wine, and the rights of man.  For hundreds of years, the French have championed themselves as guides to the art of love.  Marilyn Yalom distills her readings of French literary works and the memories of her experiences in France to illuminate the central tenets of France's gospel of love.

“Marilyn Yalom is a charming guide on an exploration of desire, romance, sex and passion à la française. Like a detective on a steamy case, Yalom digs through literature and life, uncovering the mysteries of l’amour. How the French Invented Love will surely seduce you.”

—Ellen Sussman, author of French Lesson

“Seductive and fascinating.  Marilyn Yalom is the perfect companion for this delightfully candid tour de l'amour.” 

—Diane Ackerman, author of One Hundred Names for Love

How the French Invented Love is absolutely marvelous, so lively and learned.... Marilyn Yalom's book is a distinguished contribution to our experience of a great literature, as well as an endearing memoir.” 

—Diane Johnson, author of Le Divorce

“Marilyn Yalom Yalom reclaims her enchantment with love stories from France.  She explores the mysteries and complexities of love as they have been bequeathed by the French from centuries of their literature... running the gamut of love's many facets, guises, and sexes.... In the end, she teaches us not necessarily to love the French but how to (or not) love with them.” 

—Pierre Saint-Amand, Professor of French Studies and Comparative Literature, Brown University